Thursday, March 20, 2008


How is the decompiler distributed ?

The sources and the binaries are distributed separately. Both of them are distributed as gzipped-tar files.

How do I install the decompiler ?

Download the decompiler binaries, distributed as a gzipped-tar file. Unpack it to a directory and set the environment variable JREVERSE_HOME point to the directory. Add JREVERSE_HOME/bin to PATH environment variable.

How do I run my decompiler ?

 $ jrevpro -g
To launch the decompiler as a Swing-based application.
$ jrevpro -u   
To launch the decompiler as an AWT application.

How do I use the command-line version ?

To Decompile a class file -
jrevpro  -dc   [  ] 
To Disassemble a class file -
jrevpro  -da   [  ] 
To view the ConstantPool of the class file -
jrevpro  -vp   
Interactive session. Type 'help' to get started.
jrevpro  -i   

Do I need any special tool to build the decompiler ?

The project uses a platform-independent XML file (build.xml) as its Makefile. So you need the ANT utility available at to compile the project.

How do I submit bugs/modifications ?

You can help to make the software better by submitting bugs as soon as you encounter them.
Please use the bug submission method in the project web site by visiting here.